Bard College: A Sustainable Future

The sustainability initiatives at Bard have come a long way and the students have noticed. Leo Botstein, president of Bard College, promised to achieve climate neutrality – carbon zero – a carbon neutral campus by 2035.

Bard has two solar hot water systems, designed and installed by EarthKind®, which are a visible investment in sustainability for the college. An enhanced monitoring system was installed and according to Laurie Husted, Bard’s Sustainability Coordinator, they have been able to exceed the output that they were promised by EarthKind®  Energy!

Eban Goodstein, director of Bard Center for Environmental Policy, is adamant about focusing attention on “training a generation of leaders who can really drive a sustainability revolution.”

More solar thermal systems, possibly solar electric, are in Bard’s future. As Mr. Goodstein concludes, “If we are going to make it through the next 30 years into a prosperous and sustainable future, we really have to rethink what we’re doing.”

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