Buy Green Electricity

We all want to do something about the current energy problems. But you don’t have to install a solar energy system on your roof, or put a wind turbine in your backyard. You can buy a small piece of the clean energy output of a wind farm or a hydro water facility upstate. Purchasing renewable energy can help you create that clean energy future we all want.

Investing in the installation of a renewable energy system on your home or workplace is not always possible.  EarthKind®, a renewable energy solutions company, partnered with Energetix/NYSEG Solutions (now Direct Energy), an energy services company (ESCO) to offer a program that allows residents, businesses, and non-profit institutions to purchase green power that is delivered to them - which often saves money too.

This program is perfect for people who are concerned about the environment and pollution, who want to put their energy dollars into sustainable energy and support green initiatives.

This program can deliver electricity at lower costs by blending Direct Energy electric commodity purchasing power  with EarthKind® wind and water renewable energy.

Save money while buying renewable energy today!

Click here to sign up for Energetix – EarthKind® clean energy:

Click here to sign up for NYSEG Solutions – Earthkind® clean energy:


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