• Ron Kamen E2 NY Chapter Director
    Ron Kamen was interviewed by “TheStreet” regarding E2’s report on clean energy jobs.

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  • Center for Automotive Educational Training | earthkindenergy.com
    Earthkind's solar electric installation was designed to deliver maximum energy with minimal impact on the award-winning architectural design of the Center for Automotive Education & Training.

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  • Earthkind Solar Hot Water Installation | earthkindenergy.com
    Solar hot water provides 400% more energy worldwide than solar PV electric. The US is waking up to the tremendous financial and environmental savings that can be gained by using the sun for space heat and hot water.

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  • A combined heat and power co-generation system will ensure the delivery of linens for 3,000+ hospital patient beds a day, even during extended power outages … almost eliminating the utility electric bill.

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  • Sealift Command
    Ron Kamen's innovative thinking resulted in dramatic savings and increased safety for the US Navy's Military Sealift Command ships.

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  • Oakwood Solar Project | earthkindenergy.com
    Oakwood Friend's School turned to EarthKind to develop a solar electric project that will save them $1million with a zero cash outlay.

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  • Ron Kamen Talks About Energy | earthkindenergy.com
    Earthkind's CEO Ron Kamen talks solar energy.

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More than 25 years of alternative energy experience makes
Ron Kamen, CEO of EarthKind Energy, the expert you want on your team.

You know that solar energy is a good choice for your business or institution, but it isn’t always an easy choice. Earthkind has the experience and expertise you need to make solar energy attainable, affordable, and secure.  We will work with you to:

  • create unique solar solutions
  • optimize your financial, environmental, and operational goals
  • find the best financing opportunities
  • oversee project planning and management

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EarthKind creates innovative energy solutions for large companies and institutions seeking savings, reliability, and sustainability. Bringing together the right team for the challenges and complexities of your organization, Ron Kamen and EarthKind provide:

  • energy and cost analysis
  • energy saving proposals
  • project planning and management
  • access to funding and financial incentives

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Successful partnerships are the key to renewable energy solutions. If you are a renewable energy business looking to bring your service or product to New York State or if you are already in the state and need support, Ron Kamen offers:

  • public policy focus
  • grant research and writing
  • partnership development
  • strategic and marketing planning

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